The sweat of one’s brow:
Perhaps pleasure, at times pain
Nails pounding, gliding
Free of charge—always better
Than sitting behind a desk

Tanka Tuesday at Word Craft Poetry, we are using synonyms for work and play in our syllabic poetry. I’ve never been much of a desk sitter, but I do like to play.😉

15 thoughts on “📅

    1. Thanks, Yvette. I am blessed to have (mostly) been a stay at home mother for the last eight plus years. When I have worked, thankfully it’s been at jobs that stimulate my mind and keep my body active. Balance.❤️

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    1. Well that is a career I would LOVE. I love information, learning. Or if I was paid to write. I would joyfully sit behind a desk. Or I’d work something out with someone to work from home on my couch.😉

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      1. It is truly a blessing. And that is what I reference when I include my view of work in my writing. At least here in the US, people are overworked and work their lives away, and miss out on doing things that genuinely benefit their health and society as a whole. I would rather do work freely and happily, than for unknown purpose and under strain.😬

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      2. It’s finding that balance that’s so hard. I used to tell my kids: “Your job is seldom your passion or what you’re passionate about. It’s a way to pay the bills. Find your passion and work at it every chance you have.” We didn’t have blogging when I was working my tail off in accounting. It paid the bills, but was never as fulfilling as writing poetry with you guys. 💖

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