The Expected One by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
Rocky, trodden dirt path
Cut out of hillside
A man offering eternal youth, shadowed
Eagerly in waiting

The golden path, narrow
Through a bottleneck
A single woman travels, meditating
A slight smile on her lips
Long-lasting journey

Fragrant beauty without—
Worldly temptation—
Indulging broken promises, hurriedly
Instead of One Presence
We’ve expectation

Side note: this is my first ever poem in double ennead form.

15 thoughts on “📱

  1. This is wonderful Melissa. I also like this form because it can tell a story with a beginning, middle, and ending. Think about imagery and follow the “show-don’t tell,” (which I have to tell myself every time I write a poem). ⭐️🫶🏻

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